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Retreat With A Sense of Calm, Comfort & Peace of Mind. To learn more, please visit our Health Advisory Notice.

Retreat With A Sense of Calm, Comfort & Peace of Mind. Learn more about our enhanced health and hygiene initiatives keeping you safe, by visiting our Health Advisory Notice.

Retreat With A Sense of Calm, Comfort & Peace of Mind. To learn more, please visit our Health Advisory Notice.

Retreat With A Sense of Calm, Comfort & Peace of Mind. Learn more about our enhanced health and hygiene initiatives keeping you safe, by visiting our Health Advisory Notice.

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  • Taking Hydration To The Next Level With KOPU Water

    South Florida is known for its sun, surf, and heat, which is why proper hydration is essential. At Carillon, we understand the importance of keeping our guests refreshed and revitalized year-round which is why we go the extra mile to prioritize hydration.
  • Introducing Ella Davar, Registered Dietician, and Her Top 5 Tips On How To Beat Bloating

    Ella Davar, RD is an International Registered Dietitian, Integrative Nutritionist, certified health coach, yogi, theta healer and a speaker with a passion for helping driven busy individuals streamline their wellness routine and accomplish a healthy balance in life with nutrition science and self-care.
  • Art Week at Carillon with HYBYCOZO

    HYBYCOZO is a collaborative installation art collective made up of Serge Beaulieu and Yelena Filipchuk. Their work consists of larger-than-life sculptures that celebrate the inherent beauty of geometric form and pattern, and compose them in ways that harmonize the experience of sculpture, light, and shadow.
  • A Deep Dive into Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Irina Logman

    We sat down with sought-after Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Dr. Logman, and took a deep dive into Traditional Chinese Medicine to learn more about how this ancient modality can be helpful in today’s modern and tech-driven world.
  • Staying Healthy & Happy Through The Holiday

    While many are looking forward to finally reuniting with their loved ones to celebrate, this time of year can also bring upon a lot of stress. Stress can lead to a plethora of health related issues from weight gain to anxiety. Thankfully, Carillon has a team of experts and services to help you destress in order to keep you happy and healthy over the holidays and well into the New Year.
  • Face Fall Looking Fabulous: Refresh Your Complexion

    As the summer months begin to fade, chances are that post-summer skin issues will begin to surface as we begin to face the fall and winter weather.  It's time to get serious about your skin. Learn how you can give your skin a boost from firming and collagen boosting facials to Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques that will refresh your complexion and leave your skin feeling radiant.
  • In celebration of National Yoga Month, discover Warrior University

    Warrior university is an online platform specializing in health, wealth & tech for your mind, body & business.
  • A Sleep Escape

    Have trouble getting a restful sleep every night? You're not alone, according to the American Sleep Association, 50-70 million US adults have a sleep disorder. Help reset your circadian rhythm and make falling asleep a dream.
  • Healing & Growth Through A Conscious Relationship

    Bringing self-awareness into your relationship creates growth and in a conscious relationship, both partners are equipped with the tools to identify their own individual needs. An insightful discussion with tools on how to break free so that you can have the relationship and life you deserve.
  • How To Heal A Broken Heart

    Learn tools to help you move through this difficult period. What is grieving and how can you use it in your advantage? Allow yourself to identify and understand the painful thoughts that keep replaying in your mind. Learn how to move out of this stage and heal your life and find the love you seek.
  • Time For Me with [ comfort zone ]

    Conversations and lifestyle techniques for taking care of ourselves and cultivating self-awareness. Enjoy a discussion about the benefits of deep breathing and meditation.
  • Mindful Living: The Awareness Beliefs and Consciousness (ABCs) of YOU

    Awareness, patience and compassion for ourselves allows us to make decisions with heightened consciousness. Mindfulness offers a pathway for living with more freedom, authenticity and ease.
  • Carillon Conversations: At Home Tools for Fast Living / Slow Aging with /skin regimen/

    New research gives insight into the interplay of diet, mental and emotional states, pollution, and its effect on overall health which is reflected immediately in the skin.
  • Carillon Conversations: Light Therapy with Prism Light Pod

    Learn how this natural light delivers energy to the body and boosts your immune system accelerating healing & recovery.
  • Carillon Conversations: Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

    Achieve greater well-being and tap into your highest potential with Dr. Shanequa Fleming and the Well Being™ team.
  • Carillon Conversations: Healing & Connecting Through Times Of Pain

    We have so much uncertainty in the world and it’s hitting closer to home, it’s right outside our doorsteps. At every level we are hurting systemically. How do we begin to heal?
  • Carillon Conversations: Mindfulness & Resilience: 3 Timeless Strategies to Tap into Your Inner Leader

    Find Calm, Strength and Inspiration in Turbulent Times.
  • Carillon Conversations I: Navigating Through Emotions: Stress, Anxiety & Grief

    When you can't go out, go within with Dr. Carolina Pataky L.M.F.T. - Emotional, Marriage & Sex Therapist. Join Dr. Carolina Pataky for a virtual lecture as she discusses managing and nurturing your cognitive and emotional wellness during this time of crisis.
  • Carillon Conversations: Healthy Aging with Whole-Body Red Light Therapy

    Discover how this whole-body, red light therapy that accelerates the body's natural healing process by up to 10 times and put you on your path to healthy aging.
  • Carillon Conversations: What is Energy Healing & How Can It Help You

    Energy Healing is a gentle yet powerful practice that stimulates energy flow in the human body. It helps to clear blocks of stagnated energy in the body to repair and rebalance energy patterns.
  • Wellness 101: Cryotherapy

    Cryotherapy literally means “cold therapy.” It utilizes age-old science combined with cutting-edge equipment to expose the body to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes at a time.