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Taking Hydration To The Next Level With KOPU Water

Taking Hydration To The Next Level With KOPU Water

South Florida is known for its sun, surf, and heat, which is why proper hydration is essential. At Carillon, we understand the importance of keeping our guests refreshed and revitalized year-round which is why we go the extra mile to prioritize hydration. We offer KOPU mineral-rich water in reusable and recyclable aluminum bottles throughout the property. Carillon’s choice for having KOPU on property extends beyond its award-winning taste, but because the brand also aligns with Carillon Cares, the property’s commitment to environmental responsibility, sustainability efforts, and community support.

Every element of KOPU Water is 100% made in the United States with the water being sourced from the Cascade Mountain Range of Oregon. KOPU offers both still and sparkling options, the sparkling having fine-champagne-like bubbles and was voted top 3 sparkling waters in the world at the Berkeley Spring International Water Tasting. The smooth-tasting, mineral water is naturally alkaline with a pH of 8.

KOPU water

Carillon and KOPU are deeply aware of the environmental impact of packaging waste. According to the EPA, containers and packaging account for a significant portion of municipal solid waste, amounting to 82.2 million tons in 2018 alone. To minimize their ecological footprint, KOPU water is packaged in reusable and recyclable aluminum bottles. These bottles are specifically designed using 85% recycled aluminum, allowing Carillon guests to enjoy their refreshing water while actively contributing to a more sustainable future.

We caught up with Justin Mahy, Founder & CEO at KOPU, who shares that “Our vision for KOPU Water manifests in nurturing the health of both people and the planet. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort shares our belief of living in harmony with the Earth, cultivating a sense of well-being, and providing guests with extraordinary moments of modern indulgence.”

We also chatted with Justin to learn even more about their sustainability and recycling efforts and how KOPU is bettering the environment.

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Can you tell us about KOPU and how the brand is making an impact in Florida and beyond?

We prioritize not only the health of our consumers by providing the highest quality water but also the health of the earth. Most luxury bottled water brands are packaged in heavy glass, imported from halfway around the world, and go into local landfills directly after consumption. 

Only ten states in the US recycle glass, and Florida is not one of them. This means that every single glass bottle consumed in the state of Florida ends up in local landfills. KOPU allows clients to eliminate vast amounts of this waste from going into local landfills each year by switching to KOPU. KOPU’s sleek aluminum bottles are 85% recycled aluminum and we are a leader in moving toward a zero-waste economy. The last thing guests want to do when they visit a location is leave it worse than when they found it, and when sipping on KOPU guests can be reassured they are sipping in harmony with the earth.

We read about aluminum stewardship, can you go into a bit more detail about it?

Also known as the KOPU Aluminum Stewardship program (KAS), we work closely with our participating partners to make sure empty bottles are recycled and result in a zero-waste bottled water program. When KOPU makes its next delivery to participating restaurants, hotels, and resort clients, the same vehicles dropping off also pick up empty aluminum bottles and cans. Rather than returning empty, this aluminum material is dropped off at local recycling facilities. 

On average 60 days after a KOPU bottle is deposited within a KAS receptacle, the aluminum is recycled and reformed into a range of different uses including electric car chassis, aircraft frames, beverage cans as well as new KOPU bottles. These containers are for the back of the house and we collect all of the aluminum from the property, from beer cans to soda cans, or whatever it may be. We have two different size containers to collect the aluminum and will supply whichever ones are most suitable for your spaces.

Together, Carillon and KOPU are pioneers in promoting sustainable practices within the hospitality industry while keeping guests hydrated with a refreshing and environmentally conscious experience.