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Health Advisory Notice

A look into Carillon Miami and the future …

While we don’t know what the future holds, we are certain that we live in a time of uncertainty. Our Carillon Community comprising of our team members, residents and resort guests bear the responsibility of containing and protecting against COVID-19. We want our community to focus on the important – individual wellness and community wellness.

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort has suspended all resort operations and services temporarily. We are following all local mandates closely and will keep you updated accordingly.

While we wish that you could be staying with us, we are saddened that you cannot. We hope that you will however continue to connect with us digitally through social media @carillonhotel as we bring you Carillon inspired virtual wellness programs from fitness to wellness of the body and mind; nutrition and culinary with easy ideas to incorporate in the safety of your very own home. We have partnered with doctors and wellness experts within each discipline so that you can partake and bring Carillon into your home.

When we are ready to open, we hope that you will come visit us so that we can continue with your wellness journey together.

To stay up-to-date on the recent virtual wellness programs, please subscribe to our newsletter here at the bottom of the website and visit Tidings, a Carillon Miami wellness blog sharing conversations with leaders in wellness, culinary experiences and more.

When you are ready to start your wellness journey and visit our oceanfront sanctuary again, our Wellness Stay Specialist will be ready and available to help guide your experience for your future stay and journey to optimal health.

Healthy regards,

Carillon Miami