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Carillon Conversations: Navigating Through Emotions: Stress, Anxiety and Grief

When you can't go out, go within with Dr. Carolina Pataky L.M.F.T. - Emotional, Marriage & Sex Therapist and Co-Founder of The Love Discovery Institute.

Take a moment to listen to Dr. Carolina Pataky as she discusses managing and nurturing your cognitive and emotional wellness during this time of crisis.

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Navigating Through Emotions: Stress, Anxiety & Grief
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Navigating Through Emotions: Stress, Anxiety & Grief

While we can’t go out, we invite you to go within to navigate, nurture, heal and grow.

Times like these bring on an increase of anxiety, fear, grief, depression, relationship issues and feelings of isolation. You do not have to feel this way on your own. This hourly session will help to ease the challenges and guide you in directing your emotions in a healthy way through this. An expert can help you restore peace, vitality, wholeness and teach you healthy tools that will take you from coping to living.

Individual Video Tele-therapy & Coaching 1 Hour Session $225

To schedule your appointment with Dr. Carolina Pataky or her team, book online or call: 786.564.6033