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Drift Into Restorative Sleep With A Bryte Balance™ Smart Bed

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Drift Into Restorative Sleep With A Bryte Balance™ Smart Bed

Getting a restorative night of sleep is crucial to maintaining good health. Unfortunately, 7 out of 10 adults don’t achieve restorative sleep—and many live with undiagnosed sleep disorders, waking each day feeling less than optimal in terms of mental, physical, and emotional health.

Your health is always our priority at Carillon, so we sought out the most innovative mattresses on the market—and now we’re excited to be the first and only resort in the country to offer first-of-their-kind Bryte Balance™ Smart Beds in all of our rooms. Using proprietary Restorative Sleep Technology™ and personalized comfort settings, these beds are designed to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally rejuvenated.

Let’s take a closer look at all of the unique features of Bryte’s Restorative Sleep Technology™ platform, which powers each Bryte Balance™ Smart Bed.

ocean front view suite with a king size bed donned in white linens, two bedside tables, a gray chair and a balcony overlooking with two chairs and a table

Dual Comfort Tailoring™ Offers Personalized Comfort

Bryte understands that no two sleepers are exactly alike—in fact, women typically report poorer sleep quality than men—which is why each Bryte Balance™ Smart Bed includes Dual Comfort Tailoring™ that allows you and your partner to personalize firmness settings on either side of the bed. You can personalize yours to feel firm, and they can adjust theirs to feel soft—so you can both enjoy the kind of comfort you need for your best sleep ever.

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Somnify™ Makes Falling Asleep Easier than Ever

Stress increases cortisol levels, which makes falling and staying asleep a challenge. Bryte Balance™ Smart Bed helps you destress with Somnify™, a calming multi-sensory experience. It syncs gentle head-to-toe motions in the mattress with curated audio tracks to help you destress during the day or unwind at night. Choose your favorite track from Bryte’s library of sleep content to help you easily drift to sleep. To enhance the relaxing effects of Somnify™, soothe the mind in one of Carillon’s sound bowl or meditation classes.

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Bryte Balancing™ Technology Helps You Achieve Undisturbed Sleep

Bryte Balancing™ Technology works continuously throughout the night to actively sense pressure imbalances and relieve them before they wake you, so you always have the comfort you need to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

Bryte Wake Assist

Silent Wake Assist Allows You to Start Your Day Peacefully

When you’re a morning person but your partner isn’t, it can be tricky to start your day without your alarm jolting both of you out of bed. Starting 15 minutes before your set wake time, Bryte Balance™ Smart Bed’s Silent Wake feature gradually wakes you with silent motion on your side of the bed, so you can wake up each morning without affecting your partner’s sleep schedule.

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Sleep Insights Help You Achieve Better Sleep

When setting up your mattress, enter your email to receive a personalized sleep report each morning from the comfort of your luxury apartment at Carillon. Each morning, the app’s Sleep Insights can teach you about your unique sleep stages, patterns, durations, and more—always with the goal of helping you improve your sleep so you can wake up each day feeling refreshed.

Oceanfront Luxury Apartment

Your Best Sleep Ever is Just A Wellness Retreat Away

Reserve your spot in the first new Sleep Well Retreat, a four-night experience designed in collaboration with Bryte, and walk away with a clearer understanding of how your behaviors during the day can impact your sleep at night. This retreat includes a one-bedroom apartment with a Bryte Balance™ Smart Bed, plus wellness and spa treatments, meditation sessions, sleep seminars, access to world-class amenities, and so much more.