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Face Fall Looking Fabulous

Refresh Your Complexion This Fall

As the summer months begin to fade (even though here in Miami it often feels like a state of perpetual summer) chances are that post-summer skin issues will begin to surface. Sunspots and unwanted blemishes appear, fine lines become more apparent, dry patches arise, and for some it is a combination of each.

To help face fall looking (and feeling your best), it is time to get serious about your skin. To give your appearance a boost, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort offers several skincare treatments, from firming facials to Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, that will refresh your complexion. Let’s take a closer look.

Woman wearing silver goggles as she gets a Thermafacial

Collagen Boosting

Did you know that in your 20s your body begins to produce 1% less collagen each year? There’s even a term for this called Collagen Wasting. Don’t fret (stress adds to premature aging), because Carillon Miami Wellness Resort offers Thermafacial™, the first and only treatment in the world to fight the problem of Collagen Wasting. This non-invasive skin booster uses collagen-targeted energy to stimulate collagen levels deep down in the skin. During this pain-free treatment, a thick, cool gel is applied to the face and an Esthetician uses a handheld instrument over the gel in precise spots to control the collagen activation. Like an artist, they can give certain areas that might be sagging more than others more attention to get a great lift and an evened out appearance. While results are immediate for brighter and lifted skin, the real boost comes in 30 days when new fibroblasts are formed and collagen production is heightened. For the greatest results, it is recommended to book the Thermafacial™ in a series spaced out once per month. 

Woman's side profile as she gets acupuncture on her forehead

Gua Sha and Cupping

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been utilizing Gua Sha and Facial Cupping for thousands of years, but these techniques have become more mainstream as the Western world has begun to embrace more worldly wellness methods.

Recharge your skin health and your whole body with Facial Rejuvenation with Dr. Irina Logman of Advanced Holistic Center.  Once Dr. Irina does an assessment, she begins with needling the full body to balance emotions that cause wrinkles and support organs responsible for skin (lungs) and muscle (spleen) tone. Next, Dr. Irina will apply needles in the face to help release tension and to promote blood flow by creating micro trauma that initiates the repair. Once the facial needles are removed, Gua sha and cupping are performed.  Gua Sha, which is an ancient Chinese scraping technique, uses a ceramic spoon or jade stone, to move lymph, stimulate collagen and relax muscles. Facial Cupping uses small facial cups to help increase circulation, stimulate collagen production, and strengthen skin, which can result in brighter skin, toning of the jaw and neckline. Both techniques are used with an all-natural 24K gold flake infused essential oil serum that is soothing for the skin.

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Repairing & Lifting

If a more traditional spa facial is what you’re looking for, the Advanced Repair & Lifting Facial, is the perfect service for your skin. Using high-performance, anti-aging skincare products from Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland, this treatment lifts, firms and rejuvenates. To exfoliate and brighten, a non-abrasive Triple Action peel containing AHA (fruit acid), Glycolic, and Enzymes, prepares the skin, allowing for products to penetrate deeper and work most efficiently. Next the Signature Lifting Massage not only relieves stress, but also helps infuse antioxidants and restore the skin barrier, reduce wrinkles, and lift the skin from within. Skin is also treated to a mask followed by the application of Luxury Night Cream, which harnesses the strength of five different stem cells that work to plump and reduce appearance of wrinkles, protect from UV damage, support skin barrier, and provide powerful antioxidants, resulting in overall skin rejuvenation.

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Your Wellness Destination

At Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, our treatments are designed with your evolving needs in mind

Treat your skin with a fall refresh

Counter Collagen Wasting with the Thermafacial™, designed to stimulate your collagen levels

Experience the traditional Chinese approach to skin and overall health with the Facial Rejuvenation

Restore your skin with the Advanced Repair & Lifting Facial, using high-performance, anti-aging products from Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland

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