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At Home Wellness

Discover an array of personal wellness technology that can be delivered to your home to help you with your wellness lifestyle practices.

  • HaloHome

    Breathe salt, breathe better. Helping people naturally improve their respiratory health with the leading Halotherapy Solutions provider.
  • Prism Light Pod at Home

    The industry’s most-advanced, 360-degree whole-body red-light therapy system that enhances natural wellness and speeds aesthetics & performance recovery 4-10 times.
  • VibraGenix at Home

    The no sweat work-out. Exercise nearly one hundred trillion cells in the body simultaneously using sonic vibration while achieving a similar response in the body that a person would get from doing an hour of cardiovascular exercise.
  • Nollapelli

    Sleep well and wake up looking and feeling your best. Bed linens made from a unique patent-pending fabric create a healthier environment for skin, hair and sleep, for comprehensive wellness while you sleep.
  • The Restorative Bed™ by Bryte

    Restorative sleep is nature’s prescription for immunity, recovery, growth, cognitive acuity and emotional wellbeing. The foundation of health and wellness.
  • PureWave VEMI at Home

    Vibroacoustic, Electro Magnetic & Infrared therapies (VEMI) providing grounding & EMF radiation clearing.
  • Avacen at Home

    The future of pain relief.
  • Angelique by Cryo One

    Cryo One introduces Angelique, the world's most advanced body-slimming technology and the next generation of thermal-shock body contouring.
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