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Elevate Your Sleep Experience

Bedding engineered to give bodies what they need to sleep well and wake up feeling your best.

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Sleep well and wake up looking and feeling your best. Nollapelli pillowcases and bed linens are made from a unique patent-pending fabric that creates a healthier environment for skin, hair and sleep, for comprehensive wellness while you sleep. Sleep tighter and wake brighter with Nollapelli!

Sleep Better

Nollapelli’s innovative fabric is engineered to balance moisture, temperature and friction; comprised of 45% Tencel®, 35% nylon, 20% cotton. All products are classic white with an elegant bead of satin trim on pillowcases and flat sheets and are extremely easy to care for- simply machine wash on warm and tumble dry on low. Nollapelli fabric is two times more breathable, wrinkles less and dries faster than 100% cotton, plus it is incredibly soft, cool and comfortable, creating a truly elevated sleep experience. Washing before first use is recommended. Nollapelli products are proudly made in the USA from imported fabric that meets the highest level of Oeko Tex certification.




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Sleep Care is the New Self Care

A more relaxed body means more relaxed sleep. It also means better beauty rest. Designed with bodies in mind, Nollapelli’s bedding is obsessed with restoring skin and hair while you sleep.

  • Skincare products absorb into your skin and not into your pillowcase.
  • Farewell to bedhead and frizzy hair in the morning.
  • Never have to flip your pillow to the cool side again.

Sleep Care with Nollapelli

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