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Thermal Therapy

Mirroring European wellness traditions
most expansive hydrotherapy circuits

Our exclusive Thermal Hydrotherapy Circuit is one of the country’s most expansive hydrotherapy experiences, with private men’s and women’s hot and cold areas that help to warm, cleanse, and relax you prior to a spa treatment or following a workout. Moving from one thermal suite to the next is designed to stimulate circulation, relieve pain, decrease stress, and rejuvenate the body. The Thermal Hydrotherapy Circuit is open daily to all hotel guests and residents, age 14 and older.

*Currently unavailable due to CDC guidelines. 

  • a woman in a white plush rob lays on a thermal lounger. Her head is propped up by a folded towel. In the corner is a soaking tub and the walls are covered with colored tiles.

    Thermal Loungers

    Surrounding the HydroSpa, loungers warmed by radiant heat relax the muscles and provide further unwinding and de-stressing in between thermal experiences.
  • a man stands in a tiled room. He is slick from the water pouring down on him. There is infrared lighting that shines red off of the man's skin and makes the tiles in the background look luminescent.

    Experiential Rains

    After exposure to the heat of the sauna, steam room or laconium, enjoy our cooling storm showers that simulate a Caribbean monsoon, Atlantic storm and Polar mist. This multi-sensory experience improves circulation and slows the aging process.
  • a woman in a one piece bathing suit stands against a tiled wall. The lighting in the room makes the tiles and the woman look blue.


    Conclude your Thermal Experience in Miami’s only igloo. Cool air combined with menthol, mint and eucalyptus help to cool the body, improve circulation, and re-energize the soul.
  • a woman soaks her feet in the foot spa. The bath has tan tiles and a silver water spout. The room is dark wood paneled and there is a nook to store folded white towels. The woman has her hair tied back and is dressed in a white plush robe.

    Foot Spa

    Select warm water to ease aches and pains; cool water to refresh, revitalize and reduce swelling; or hot water, followed by cool water to soothe your tired feet while equalizing your body temperature.
  • two women in bikinis, one black and one olive green, lay in a sauna. Their legs are outstretched and their eyes are closed with relaxed expressions on their faces. The room is dark wood paneled with minimal lighting

    Finnish Spa

    Purify your body and calm your mind in our classic Finnish sauna, lined with fragrant wood. A traditional stove with hot stones emits dry heat for utter relaxation.
  • an interior shot of a crystal steam room. In the enter is a black tiled podium that holds a large white crystal. On either side of the crystal podium are green tiled benches.

    Crystal Steam Room

    Release tension and tight muscles in this scented room, where the soothing power of steam is enhanced by aromatic essential oils; refracted, colored light; and a large, clear, healing quartz crystal.
  • a woman in a black one piece bathing suit stands in a whirlpool. She is looking down at the water and her face looks relaxed. The jets in the whirlpool are on. Behind her is a colorful tiled wall in hues of orange, gold and yellow

    Vitality Tub

    Bubbling water fountains and body jets provide gentle massage at the optimal temperature for restoring balance, releasing tension and relaxing tired muscles.
  • a woman in a one piece bathing suit sits on a built in chair to the wall. The walls are decoratively tiled with different colors and patterns. The room gives off a red hue due to the infrared lighting

    Herbal Laconium

    Relax and revitalize in this ceramic room featuring a starlit ceiling with gentle humidity and herbs warmed over heated stones. It’s the perfect way to begin the purification process.
interior image of a thermal therapy room. There are three levels of wooden benches. There is a long infrared light attached to the ceiling that gives off a red glow around the room

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