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Create a balance between mind, body and spirit

The Spa at Carillon Miami Wellness Resortâ„¢ brings together the latest innovations and technology in luxury skincare, anti-aging, natural beauty and restorative rituals from around the world.

  • Gift Well

    Inspire health and happiness by giving the gift of wellness.
  • Spa & Wellness Specials

    Choose from sophisticated facials, therapeutic massages, soothing body treatments and unique wellness modalities.
  • Signature Spa Services

    Lavishly designed. Inspired by the sea. Our signature spa services will transport you to an elevated state of being for the ultimate escape.
  • Massage Therapies

    Each of our massage therapies harnesses the power of aromatherapy to help you achieve a deep sense of relaxation. Select the modality and duration that best suits your needs.
  • Essential Skincare

    Our professionally trained aestheticians will consult with you to determine a personalized approach to achieving clear, radiant, youthful-looking skin.
  • Body Therapies

    Our body treatments combine modern and ancient techniques with natural ingredients, including essential oils, marine crystals and seawater, to nourish, detoxify, refine, or tighten the skin.
  • Non-Traditional Spa Experiences

    Discover the benefits of non-traditional spa services such as Salt Float Bath therapy and Cryotherapies, designed to help reverse the aging process.
detail shot of a white bowl with lotion in it. There is a single green leaf in the bowl resting on top of the lotion. Surrounding the bowl are green leaves and little white flowers

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