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a woman lies on a massage table on her stomach. Her head is tilted towards the camera. Her eyes are closed and she appears to be relaxed.

Body Therapies

Body Therapies

Modern and ancient techniques combine with natural ingredients to nourish, detoxify, refine, or tighten the skin

A woman in a black bikini lies face down on a bed. Over top of her are shower heads than rain down water. The room is lit by a purple light.
a woman lies face down on a massage table. A pair of hands applies a lotion onto her bare back in a wave pattern

Enjoy a variety of body treatments on our Aemotio Spa by Lemi. The advanced and comfortable design offers that most modern treatment techniques including: height-adjustable water bed, heated water mattress, color therapy, infrared steam bath with aromatherapy, vichy shower with 6 jets and water-enhanced vibromassage. Providing a complete and rejuvenating spa experience.

*Discover one of the country’s most expansive Thermal Hydrotherapy Circuits with a private men’s and women’s hot and cold experiences. To learn about our commitment to your wellbeing, please click here.

Wellness Detox & Body Renew Therapies

*Kindly note that a deposit is required for treatments booked as part of your Spa day experience.

an aerial shot of a wave crashing on the shore.

Wellness Concierge

Let us customize your wellness journey

Our Wellness Concierge will be happy to help you craft your perfect wellness experience, with treatments, therapies, and classes chosen just for you and your specific needs.