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Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland

Unlock Your Timeless Beauty with Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland

Plant-based skincare from the Swiss Alps

Skincare products from the Alpine Radiance Starter Kit
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The Dream of Timeless Beautiful Skin

From deep roots in the Swiss Alps, this exclusive family secret is now available for your timeless benefit. Enter a world of snowcapped mountains, where time stands still and anti-aging skincare helps your skin repair itself for a strikingly younger-looking complexion.

Why Plant Stem Cells?

With the discovery of the stem cell cultivation technology, we are able to use endangered plants, using only a very small amount of the original plant. Stem cell cultivation technology allows us to use the potent stem cells of plants, whilst being sustainable and keeping them in their natural habitat.

Products varying in size in the glacial hydration starter kit

What Is So Special About Plant Stem Cells?

Every plant has stem cells, but unlike in humans cells, every plant stem cell has the potential to dedifferentiate to any plant cell and grow into an entirely new plant.

Due to this potential, they are able to successfully generate and cultivate plant stem cells, and use the rarest of plants without removing them from the wild.

Skincare with Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland

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