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The Bryte Balance™ Smart Mattress

The Bryte Balance™ Smart Mattress

The AI-Powered smart mattress that optimizes sleep

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Bryte Bed Mattress

Sleep Is The Foundation Of Health & Wellness

“I used to think about sleep as the third pillar of health alongside exercise and nutrition. I have changed my tune. Sleep is the foundation upon which the other two bastions sit.” -Dr Matthew Walker.

Restorative sleep is nature’s prescription for immunity, recovery, growth, cognitive acuity and emotional wellbeing.

Developed in partnership with some of the world’s leading sleep scientists, the Restorative Bed by Bryte is even more than the centerpiece of your healthy home. It is a force-multiplier to all other investments you make in health and wellness.

Fall asleep faster, increase total sleep.

In today’s busy world, it’s important to make time to relax.

Somnify™ syncs gentle head-to-toe motion in the mattress with curated audio tracks to help you destress during the day or unwind at night. Choose your favorite track from Bryte’s library of sleep content to help you easily drift to sleep.

Fall asleep to the peaceful sounds of falling rain or take a meaningful pause while listening to guided meditation. Sleepers can personalize their experience by just listening to audio, only selecting their favorite wave pattern, or syncing motion and audio into one multisensory experience.

Whatever your preference, customize your experience to your side of the mattress.

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Bryte Somnify Screen App

Improve sleep efficiency, stay asleep longer

Sleep scientists now know that “sleep fragmentation” (nighttime interruptions and wake events) deprives us of the most restorative benefits of sleep.

Sensing even small imbalances in pressure, Bryte Balancing™ Technology makes gentle, targeted adjustments in firmness to remove points of pressure across your body. As you naturally shift positions, Bryte Balancing Technology silently redistributes pressure, orchestrating the perfect combination of pressure relief and support for every type of sleeper.

Throughout the night, Bryte Balancing Technology works behind the scenes to actively sense and remove pressure imbalances for fewer wake ups to improve sleep efficiency and provide longer periods of uninterrupted sleep.


Personalize comfort on your side of the bed

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to comfort, which is why Bryte’s Dual Comfort Tailoring™ lets you and your partner choose the comfort setting that’s right for you.

Informed by your unique attributes and sleep preferences, Bryte’s Dual Comfort Tailoring guides you to your ideal comfort setting. From soft to firm, personalize comfort on each side of the mattress.

And, if your preferences change over time, Bryte Balance™ adjusts to meet your changing needs.

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The Bryte Balance™ Smart Mattress

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