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Welnamis and Quartz Bed by Gharieni


Taking wellness to the next level

The Gharieni Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of premium-quality spa tables, treatment beds and equipment for resort spas and wellness centers. Exclusive innovations combined with modern design and outstanding quality is the impetus at Gharieni. For the third year in a row, the Gharieni Group is the Official Spa & Wellness Equipment Manufacturer 2021 for Forbes Travel Guide, the global authority on luxury travel.

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Two massage beds lit up with purple LED lights, with the ocean view in the background

Welnamis by Gharieni

Embark on a wellness journey like no other.

The Welnamis is an acoustic and vibrational therapy that taps into the latest in brain entrainment and powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.

Allow yourself to be guided into deep states of powerful healing and enjoy the Welnamis’ latest targeted programs, including Stress Relief, Mindfulness, PowerNap and Awareness.

Continuing studies indicate that the verified benefits of the Welnamis include:

Reduction of stress and mood swings

Improvement of sleep quality and quantity

Provides powerful anti-inflammatory effects and immune systems enhancement – powerful chronic disease prevention

Supports treatment of PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome)

woman laying down on a massage bed with sand and quartz, relaxing

Quartz Bed by Gharieni

Immerse yourself in a bed of warm quartz sand

The ancient practice of “Psammotherapy” or being enveloped in fine, heated sand crystals is combined with a massage “flow” system for your back integrating powerful proven anti-inflammatory benefits and pain relief into one beautiful touchless therapy.

By heating the body uniformly, the technique induces a sense of deep relaxation, with tight muscles releasing in unison. Quartz amplifies the effectiveness of the treatment by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating – and ultimately balancing the entire body functions.

Continuing studies indicate that the verified benefits of the Quartz bed include:

Potent anti-inflammatory activity that rebalances the autonomic nervous system

Immune systems enhancement – powerful chronic disease prevention

Reduction and relief from muscle aches and pains, including of symptoms of rheumatism.

Improves circulation

Inversion therapy benefits