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Wellsystem Wave Massage

Wellsystem Wave Massage

Total relaxation for the body, mind & soul

WellSystem Machine
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Wellsystem Wave Massage

Providing holistic relaxation for the body and soul, the Wellsystem Wave Massage uses dry water massage to relieve tension and retain fitness in a relaxed manner. Perfect for those seeking a soothing break from everyday life, long-lasting and beneficial effects including increased energy, relaxation and heightened health and fitness of the back, neck, shoulders and legs.

Enter a realm of tranquility

The dry water massage offered by Wellsystem uses heat and water pressure to provide a soothing full, or partial, body massage.

Warm water jets move evenly across the underside of the soft natural rubber surface. They massage the entire body while you float almost weightlessly on the surface of the dry water. The water’s soothing warmth and gentle power activates deeper tissue layers and loosens the entire muscle system. The contactless dry water massage serves as an excellent supplement or alternative to manual therapy.

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Wellsystem machine

The Benefits

The Wellsystem Wave Massage includes a variety of benefits optimized for:

  •  A healthy back; Relieves tension and strengthens the back
  • Strong shoulders; Ideal for tense shoulders and neck
  • Pure Relaxation; A feel-good massage for the whole body
  • Fit legs; Restores aching, heavy-feeling legs
  • An energy boost; Full body massage for enhanced energy levels

Wellsystem Wave Massage