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NEO | Light by NEO Science

Health Optimization Technology

Harnessing the power of LED red light therapy to enhance your well-being

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NEO | Light by NEO Science

Designed to enhance your overall well-being, NEO Light harnesses the power of LED red light therapy to provide holistic healing benefits. Whether you’re seeking relief before or after your wellness treatments, NEO Light offers a range of advantages to elevate your experience. Experience pain reduction, swelling alleviation, and inflammation mitigation with our state-of-the-art therapy bed, which utilizes six different wavelengths. NEO Light also promotes improved circulation and blood flow, fostering faster healing and recovery.

Neo Light Bed

Four Intuitive Preset Modes

  • RESTORE: Utilizes red and all 3 infrared frequencies to activate a variety of biological processes. These offer a wide range of applications to aid with inflammation, pain, collagen stimulation, and more.
  • PULSE: A pulsed version of RESTORE, which is beneficial for athletes who need deeper recovery. The high intensity bursts of light have become particularly popular among sports therapists.
  • CALM: A unique green light mode combined with invisible infrared light frequencies. Studies have shown that green light may reduce the appearance of dark spots while having a positive effect on migraines and light-sensitivity. Combined with NEO Light’s invisible yet deeply penetrating infrared light frequencies, CALM was created.
  • CLEANSE: Offers a combination of red and blue light to reduce bacteria and improve the appearance of the skin. Many smaller devices on the market today target the face specifically while NEO Light is one of the first whole body applications using red and blue light combined.
Neo Light Bed

The Benefits

NEO light by NEO Science has a variety of benefits including:

  • Alleviates pain or discomfort
  • Facilitates the reduction of inflammation
  • Supports accelerated wound recovery
  • Boosts overall physical well-being
  • Enhances skin health
  • Evens skin tone and reduces blemishes
  • Enhances quality of sleep

NEO | Light by NEO Science - Coming Soon