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Advanced beauty technology

Woman smiling while using the leaf plasma fusion on her face
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Leaf Fusion Plasma

A breakthrough device for skincare at home

Discover the Leaf Fusion Plasma device that maximizes the absorption and effectiveness of your existing skincare products. As the world’s first fusion plasma skincare device, Leaf delivers your favorite actives beyond the skin barrier. Leaf creates microchannels and then pushes the products you have used topically into the skin’s deeper layers, meaning they can work more effectively. Leaf offers a unique, patented skincare solution based on three operating modes – plasma energy, electroporation technology and microcurrent – with the added technologies of vibration, probe warming and LED photo facial to improve the appearance of tone and texture while promoting cell regeneration.

This state-of-the-art skincare solution can be used in the comfort of your own home.


Human skin is an intricate layer of densely packed cells (lipids) that act as a protective barrier between our bodies and the environment. This barrier is called the stratum corneum. Many popular skincare devices designed to increase product penetration either scrape away or perforate (microneedle) this important barrier, damaging the matrix of lipid cells that keep our skin protected and healthy.

Image of the Leaf Plasma Fusion
Image of the Leaf Fusion Plasma


The Leaf Fusion Plasma device maximizes skincare benefits by significantly improving active ingredient penetration – without damaging the healthy skin barrier function.

Even the most advanced skincare can only achieve 2% – 5% absorption when applied by hand. Using Leaf Fusion Plasma device from FACE VITAL® can increase product absorption up to 96 times compared to applying it by hand, allowing deeper penetration of active ingredients. This means you will see optimum results from your skincare investment, faster.

Skincare with FACE VITAL

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