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Oleta River State Park

Explore Oleta River State Park

Weave through Florida’s largest urban park by kayak, canoe, stand-up paddleboard, or mountain or water bike

a woman paddles in a yellow kayak down a narrow stream. There are green trees on either side of the stream. The sky is blue with white fluffy clouds
landscape shot of a teal river with thick forest growth on either side of the river. The trees and shrubs lining the river are bright green. The sky is a clear blue.

Just 20 minutes from Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, this gorgeous park is bisected by its namesake waterway that breathes life into a spectacular natural oasis. Paddle through native mangrove channels or ride through 15 miles of off-road cycling trails.

Pricing varies by activity. 
Contact our Concierge at (866) 800-3858 for additional information.

Kayaking & canoeing

Paddle through mangrove trails and into the beautiful calm blue waters of North Biscayne Bay. A map and basic instruction are provided for you to explore the real South Florida.

a woman with long blonde hair and a green backpack sits in an orange kayak. The oars are sticking straight out on either side. She floats through a a river with green brush on either side of the river.
A woman stands on a paddle board in the ocean during sunrise. There is movement in the water as she uses the paddle to move forward. She is wearing a bikini top and cloth shorts

Stand-up paddleboarding

Come enjoy the beautiful combination of nature, relaxation and exercise. Paddleboarding utilizes all of the major muscle groups in the body while you balance and react to any disturbance in the water.

Mountain biking

Oleta River State Park has over 15 miles of off-road bicycling trails, ranging from those suitable for novices to more challenging routes for experienced cyclists.

bikers dressed in warm clothing are biking on a narrow dirt trail. The trail is located deep in the woods with thick clusters of evergreen trees on either side of the trail. The sun's rays shine through the trees.
two women are paddling on a blue and white paddle boat in the middle of the water. They are wearing hats and sunglasses and are looking at each other smiling and lauging

Water biking

Blue Ocean Water Bikes offers a fun, exhilarating and unique way to explore South Florida’s beautiful waters, beaches and intracoastal waterways.

All Seasons

Experiences for everyone

Active and wellness-minded couples, friends and families can challenge themselves to any number of exhilarating experiences, from deep sea fishing miles offshore to kayaking through dense mangrove forest.

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