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Touchless Wellness Experiences

Relax, rejuvenate and revitalize. Experience touchless wellness to soothe the body and mind.

a woman relaxing with headphones in a green lit room.
woman sitting at the edge of a salt float tank with blue lighting

Discover new technology that calm the mind and soothe the body. These high-tech and touchless new wellness experiences provide guests with cutting-edge technology that will provide you relaxation with multiple health benefits. We invite you to discover the health and anti-aging benefits from these new services.

woman napping with headphones and symbols for vibrational sound waves

Spa Wave

Vibrational & Sound Therapy for the Essential Powernap - Even for the busiest minds.

Discover the Spa Wave, by Gharieni.

Sleep therapy that reduces stress, improves concentration, balances mood, and boosts creativity. Our state-of-the-art quantum harmonic sound therapy table combines music, gentle sound waves and highly efficient vibration, matched to the body’s energy chakras, leaving you in the ultimate state of relaxation.

30 Minutes $99 | Series of 10 $800

Prism Light Pod

Prism Light Pod

Accelerate your body's natural healing process.

Carillon Miami now offers the latest innovation in whole-body red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy. “Photobiomodulation is to humans, what photosynthesis is to plants…..”

The Prism Light Pod is the industry’s most-advanced full-body light therapy system using cutting-edge technology. It provides deep red light therapy that’s absorbed by your skin, muscles, deep tissues, joints, and body cells to accelerate healing and recovery by 4 to 10 times faster than your body’s restoration process. Red light therapy offers unique mitochondrial healing which delivers more energy and speeds the regeneration of healthy body cells.

Prism Light Pod’s whole-body red light therapy interacts with your body’s muscles, tissues, ligaments, and nerves with specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared LEDs. Red light therapy will reduce inflammation, produce collagen, regenerate healthy body cells, and may heal your scars. By stimulating the function of the mitochondria using red light therapy, a cell can make more ATP (energy). With more energy, body cells function more efficiently, rejuvenate themselves, and repair damage.

Savor a relaxing warm hug in optimized 15-minute light pod sessions, 3-times a week to ensure the maximum benefits to promote your wellness journey.

The Prism Light Pod is FDA-cleared, safe and comfortable. There are more than 3,000 articles and studies conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) on the benefits of red light therapy.

The Prism Light Pod includes six red light therapy settings optimized for:

  • Skin Conditioning and Anti-Aging; improves and reduces Psoriasis, Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis, scar tissue and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production
  • Weight Loss; lose inches by shrinking unwanted fat cells along with a holistic nutritional plan optimized for weight-loss and preventative maintenance
  • Sports Rehab and Recovery; repairs ligaments, tendons, muscles, stiffness & soreness from muscle and joint fatigue
  • Reducing Chronic Pain & Disorders from inflammation, nerve damage and auto-immune conditions and other disorders
  • Soothing Arthritis and Joint Pains including Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis, disc-degeneration
  • Wounds and Injury Healing from sprains, strains, bone bruises and post-surgical procedures

15 Minutes $49 | Series 10 $349

woman relaxing in a sauna

Halotherapy + Infrared Sauna

The breathe and detox suite.

A natural and effective solution for respiratory health and hygiene. Anti-viral, bacterial, fungal, inflammatory, stress combating & supports immune health.

For thousands of years dating back to Eastern Europe, salt has been used to help alleviate a variety of health issues, improve the immune system and build respiratory health. Integrate Halotherapy into your wellness practice for an ultimate detox of the airway and skin.

25 Minutes $99 | Series 10 $800

two ladies laying on a glowing infrared bed with a purple blue lit room

Pure Wave V.E.M.I.

VibroAcoustic, ElectroMagnetic & Infrared

This all-in-one therapy includes VibroAcoustic, ElectroMagnetic & Infrared technology that uses healing sound resonance in tandem with full-body vibrations, natural earth frequencies and Infrared for an unbelievable mind, body, spirit experience that is only reached in deep meditation states. The V.E.M.I. grounds the body and eliminates the effects caused by electro-smog radiation and recharges and detoxifies all the cells in the body, balancing all the body systems for ultimate rejuvenation.

  • Vibro-Acoustic Harmonics emitted through the full-body mat and headphones open cellular communication to all cells in the body.
  • Electro-smog EMF (sticky static) on our cells in our entire body are eliminated, opening and clearing paths for cells to vibrate in resonance with clear PureWave instruction/command signals.
  • The body is shifted into a parasympathetic state for 8-12 hours, during which the body can experience extremely efficient and expedient healing without disruptive EMF radiation.
  • The VEMI allows the cells to resonate/vibrate and energize themselves naturally which helps to optimize cell function and repair.
  • The body reaches new, improved levels of health and wellness with each additional session.

25 Minutes $99 per person | Series 10 $800 per person

man walking into a lit up cryotherapy chamber

Full Body Cryotherapy

Utilizing age-old science combined with cutting-edge equipment, ideal for recovery, weight loss, inflammation and more.

Dropping to temperatures as low as -275°, our whole-body cryotherapy chamber ranks as one of the coldest in the country.

Step inside for an innovative three-minute treatment utilizing age-old science combined with cutting-edge equipment. Cryotherapy can help with athletic recovery, and reduce fatigue, soreness, chronic pain, and inflammation. Cryotherapy can also boost the immune system, accelerate metabolism for weight loss, and increase collagen production for healthier skin. Cryotherapy is commonly used before or after knee, shoulder, or any other surgery to speed up the healing and recovery process and reduce pain and swelling. It can also help control the effects of inflammation so you can get back on your feet faster.


3 minutes $99 per person

A woman in a black biking lies on her back as she floats in a pool. Her eyes are closed and she looks relaxed. The water around her is a clear sea foam color.

Salt Float Bath Therapy

Float your stress away

Float your stress away in a weightless saltwater bath that incorporates 800 pounds of Epsom salt. Relieve muscle pain, calm any anxieties, stimulate blood flow, release natural endorphins, and enter a deep state of relaxation.

30 Minutes $99 per person | 30 minutes $199 couples session

woman meditating in pod with blue lighting


The world's first technology-enabled meditation pod that combines color, sound, and energy therapies to create the physical space to go within and experience the many benefits of deep meditation.

The Somadome is the world’s first technology-enabled meditation pod that combines color, sound, and energy therapies to create the physical space to go within and experience the many benefits of deep meditation.

There are twenty different intention-based sessions available to help you in any area of your life.

The powerful combination of color, binaural beats, and the micro-crystalline tiles activate to help you achieve the optimal state for any of the intention-based sessions you choose. Each session is twenty minutes long, making it a perfect addition before or after your other spa services to take your experience to the next level.

20 minutes $99 per person | Series 10 $300 per person


pain relief device with woman placing her hand inside for the treatment


The Future of Pain Relief

Experience the future of pain relief with the A.V.A.C.E.N.

When placing your hand in this futuristic-looking muscle-relaxing machine, which is about the size of a bread box, for 15 minutes and some really great things may happen. Pain dissipates, that foggy shroud disappears and joints move more freely. For many; eyelids become heavy, stress fades and some people actually fall asleep.

How does it work? When the hand, enclosed in a special patented mitt, is placed inside the vacuum chamber, the microprocessor manages the application of negative pressure and heat to safely increase the temperature and volume of blood flowing through the high volume AVA’s. It is important to note that the application of heat without negative pressure is ineffective.

15 minutes $39 per person | Series 10 $250 per person