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Five people are in the warrior yoga position.
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Take a private fitness class

Health & Fitness

Arrange a private or group fitness class tailored to your every need.

four people in yoga attire are in a lunge pose with their arms extended to the ceiling. Their gazes are forward and intense. They are on purple yoga mats
a man and a woman face opposite each other on stationary bikes. There faces are intense and they are pedaling fast.

Choose from an array of fitness class options, allowing you to explore the endless opportunities for physical activity in fun, dynamic settings suited for all ages and abilities. Our fitness experts can provide both private personal training as well as private group fitness classes during your stay. 

All Seasons

Experiences for everyone

Active and wellness-minded couples, friends and families can challenge themselves to any number of exhilarating experiences, from deep sea fishing miles offshore to kayaking through dense mangrove forest.

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