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Image of a courtyard. There is a path leading through the courtyard to the beach. There are palm trees lining the path. There are couches in different alcoves surrounded by plants.

Palm Court

Palm Court

Get married in this lush garden of palm trees that stretches from the front of the resort all the way to the beach

A newly wedded couple surrounded by palm trees at the Palm Court
The Palm Court's layout of palm trees and a central hexagon decorated with flowers for the wedding ceremony

Graced by ocean breezes, the Palm Court is ideally suited for a casually elegant ceremony or cocktail hour. A curving border of rolling grass and other foliage lends a sense of romance and whimsy. An altar covered with vines and flowers can be set up with the sea as your unforgettable backdrop.

aerial view of the hotel's courtyard. There is a walkway leading to the beach with palm trees and landscaped beds lining the walkway. On either side of the courtyard are rooms with balconies overlooking the it

Palm Court

Spacious and enchanting

The Palm Court can accommodate up to 80 guests for a reception, ceremony, or for a seated dinner. It measures 125 ft. x 65 ft. for a total of 8,125 sq. ft.

Two men getting married outdoors at the Carillon's Palm Court

The Palm Court is an oceanfront event space with manicured landscaping, a unique layout, and dramatic natural aisle and walkway perfect for any ceremony.