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Jun 16
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Image of a courtyard. There is a path leading through the courtyard to the beach. There are palm trees lining the path. There are couches in different alcoves surrounded by plants.

Palm Court

Palm Court

Graced by ocean breezes, the Palm Court is ideally suited for a casually elegant cocktail reception.

woman holding purse walking through exterior of carillon
the top of a palm tree. The green leaves are full and extend out from the brown trunk. The sun shines through the leaves and the sky is clear and light blue in the background.

A curving border of rolling grass and foliage lends a sense of romance and whimsy.

Image of the Palm Court at sun down

Palm Court

Spacious and enchanting

The Palm Court can accommodate up to 80 guests for a reception or a seated dinner. It measures 125 ft. x 65 ft. for a total of 8,125 sq. ft.