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Angel's Envy: Toast The Trees

Angel's Envy: Toast The Trees

Raise A Glass, Plant A Tree

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Where Bourbon And Greenery Unite

Celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month with us this September through our Angel’s Envy: Toast the Trees¬†initiative at The Strand. As the demand for bourbon continues to grow globally, it’s crucial to recognize the importance of a thriving white oak tree population. Enjoy a selection of featured cocktails that pay homage to bourbon’s heritage while highlighting the significance of maintaining a sustainable white oak ecosystem.

With every cocktail purchase, you will receive a QR code to scan, allowing you to plant a virtual tree. Watch your impact come to life as these virtual trees find their way into the real world. The top 5 cities with the most virtual trees planted will win tree plantings for 2024. Join us as we raise our glasses to both tradition and conservation during this unique and impactful occasion.