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Carillon Culinary: A Guide To Keto

A Guide To Keto

Step into the kitchen this week with Executive Chef Simon Apollonio and special guest Staci Shacter, Nutritionist to discuss the Ketogenic Diet – an incredibly popular, and even more controversial diet. Is the keto diet right for you? Let Staci share details about the benefits of this diet while Chef Simon shows you how to prepare a savory dish from The Strand’s Keto menu.

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Enjoy These Recipes At Home

You may find yourself cooking more at home during this time of quarantine and we hope that you’ve been inspired by Chef Simon’s virtual culinary experience. Follow along at home with these recipe cards to help guide you and prepare:

  • Lam Chop Au Jus
  • Brussel Sprouts

Buon Appetito!

Download Recipe Cards
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Empower Yourself with A Better Understanding of The Importance of A Nutrient-Rich Diet

Through cleanse consultations, kitchen pantry make-overs and more, our expert nutritionists work with guests to show how food interacts with the mind, body and overall health.

The quality of your nutrition determines the quality of how you think, look and feel. Food is not only the fuel that energizes your physical body, it has a significant impact on your mental and emotional health. Through cleanse consultations, kitchen pantry make-overs and more, our expert nutritionists work with you to meet your food and weight goals.

For a limited time, Staci will be offering 10% off a 60 min. Consultation for Nutrition Secrets. Sign up for Staci Shacter’s Nutrition Secrets which includes a 4-week sample menu with recipes and grocery lists as well as other tools to help you reach your nutrition and lifestyle goals.

Sign up today by calling: 305-514-7216 or click below to view all Nutrition services.

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