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Wellness 101: Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy literally means “cold therapy.” It utilizes age-old science combined with cutting-edge equipment to expose the body to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes at a time.

Once restricted to elite athletes who entered the cold chambers in hopes of recovering from strenuous workouts more rapidly, cryotherapy has since gained popularity among the wider public. It’s used to help reduce fatigue and treat soreness, chronic pain, and inflammation. Cryotherapy can also boost the immune system, accelerate metabolism for weight loss, and increase collagen production for healthier skin.

Woman holding a door as she enters into a yellow lit cryotherapy chamber

Cold therapy has been in use since ancient times, and in varying forms, has been accepted medical practice for decades.

What’s the history behind cryotherapy?

The Egyptians used cold to treat injuries and inflammation as early as 2500 BCE, and the first clinical application of liquid air (-310°F) was in 1889 by a New York City physician, Campbell White. In the 1970s, Japanese doctor Toshima Yamauchi first introduced whole-body cryotherapy to help ease pain and inflammation in his rheumatoid arthritis patients, and the practice has been offered in Europe for 30+ years. It’s since gained popularity in the U.S. among elite athletes including LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

man walking into a lit up cryotherapy chamber

Cryotherapy can be administered to the whole body through an upright cylindrical capsule with temperatures that drop to -275°, or delivered to a specific area with a Selene by Cryo One device.

How does whole-body cryotherapy work?

Whole-body cryotherapy triggers the body’s natural mechanisms. Step inside one of the coldest machines in the country to significantly reduce your body temperature. Extremely low temperatures cause the blood vessels to constrict, then dilate, a process that produces more oxygenated blood, and increases your body’s strength, stamina and ability to heal itself.

Contoured legs of woman

What is the Selene by Cryo One device?

Selene by Cryo One is a non-invasive, body contouring treatment from Europe. It uses state-of-the-art thermography and cryotherapy to shock the body to reshape and destroy fat cells to make you look and feel younger and slimmer.


What kind of beneficial effects does cryotherapy have for the face?

Targeted facial cryotherapy delivered through Selene by Cryo One can boost collagen levels and improve microcirculation to improve skin elasticity, tighten any loose areas, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You will walk away seeing visible results even after your first treatment.

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