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The No Sweat Workout

Exercise nearly one hundred trillion cells in the body simultaneously using sonic vibration.

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This vibration exercise machine improves your lymphatic health. The VibraGenix is a  passive exercise machine that provides the means to exercise nearly one hundred trillion cells in your body simultaneously through sonic vibration, achieving a similar response in ten minutes that you would get from doing an hour of cardiovascular exercise.


The Ultimate No Sweat Workout

The VibraGenix Whole Body Vibration PE machine has an incredible audio speaker in the base that has a frequency range of 0.1 – 100,000 Hz. To enhance your passive exercise experience, now available to you is a Sonic World Millennium expanded sound frequency generator software. This creates “Music for Your Cells and Body,” enhancing your whole-body vibration experience.

vibrational equipment in clear pod

The Benefits

  • Improves your lymphatic health
  • Overall sports performance
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Weight loss
  • Recovery
  • Increase in circulation
  • Energizes