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Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture

Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture

Come and discover our personalized approach to oriental medicine and acupuncture

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Carillon Miami Wellness Resort offers integrative Oriental Medicine treatments as well as acupuncture, an ancient approach that has been proven to be effective in addressing pain, headaches, hormonal disorders, arthritis, autoimmune conditions, digestive disturbances, fatigue, stress, respiratory issues, depression, symptoms of withdrawal and more.

*Documentation provided for insurance reimbursement.

**The services and offerings are provided by AntiAge RX, an independent third party consultant.


Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy

Dr. Turovskiy draws upon his lifelong devotion to wellness and Oriental Medicine as well as his extensive experience in South Florida to oversee the resort’s medical wellness program offering a wide array of services and wellness equipment. Dr. Turovskiy’s interest in health arts, especially acupuncture, began at an early age when his mother was successfully treated for a severe neurological issue that conventional medicine was unable to address. Following graduation from Moscow Medical School, he was accepted to the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, one of the most renowned orthopedic and trauma hospitals in the former Soviet Union. There he worked with elite Soviet athletes and ballet dancers and received an additional degree in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine. 

A licensed Acupuncture Physician in Florida for over 20 years, Dr. Turovskiy studied acupuncture at the Mandarin School of Chinese Medicine in Jacksonville and earned his graduate degree at the Academy for 5 Element Acupuncture in Hallandale. Along with completing a yearlong post-graduate program sponsored by Toyo Hari Medical Association of Japan, he has studied with some of the modern masters of acupuncture including Dr. Richard Te Fu Tan in the U.S., and the founder of Biopuncture Jan Kersschot, M.D., of Belgium.

Dr. Turovskiy holds advanced certifications in Aromatherapy, Toyo Hari acupuncture, Biopuncture, and Auriculotherapy. He is also trained in various martial arts including Judo, Soryn Ruye Karate, and internal Tai Chi Chuan.

At Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, Dr. Turovskiy is joined by his medical partner Elaine Kroytor, a Lifestyle Coach, Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, and highly trained aesthetic therapist. Their arrival opened the door on a range of treatments, procedures, evaluations, and diagnosis for guests; new offerings such as Nutritional Consultation, Meridian Imaging Diagnostics with “Intrepid Therapy,” Salt Float Bath Therapy, Whole body and Local Cryotherapy, expert-led panels, educational lectures, and more.

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Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy

Services and treatments described above may be provided by an independent third-party consultant.

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Wellness concierge

Let us customize your wellness journey

Our Wellness Concierge will be happy to help you craft your perfect wellness experience, with treatments, therapies, and classes chosen just for you and your specific needs.
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Health Travel Advisory

Our Commitment To Your Well-being

As a premier wellness destination, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care to ensure the health and safety of our residents, guests, members and team members. The Carillon Miami team has taken this time of stillness to prepare for your arrival by implementing enhanced protocols and procedures at the resort and spa following all government guidelines.

COVID-19 is a contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the CDC, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By visiting Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, you voluntarily assume all related risks to exposure to COVID-19.

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