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a pair of hands cup the sun so it looks like the hands are holding the sun. The sky is bright blue and cloudless in the background

Chi Master & Kung Fu Healing

Chi Master & Kung Fu Healing

Learn how to activate your own healing and power under the guidance of “Injury Whisperer” Sifu Matthew

the silhouette of a man doing yoga poses on the beach during the sunset. The ocean is reflecting the light of the setting sun in the distance
a pair of hands cup the sun so it looks like the hands are holding the sun. The sky is bright blue and cloudless in the background

Wellness is a natural law of science. Its presence can be felt through the offerings of replenishment by the bodies of natural forces that surround us. The sun, the moon, the forests, oceans, and earth cleverly provide the building blocks of our regeneration through design of their position and composition. Using the science of our proper body positions and directions, we can directly connect to these nourishing forces and unlock a new cycle of wellness. 

Sifu Matthew’s MAOW™ (Martial Arts of Wellness) teaches you directly how to influence your internal healing and power through a series of Martial Arts positions, movements, and focused intentions that directly affect the electro-chemical cycles of your body and cells. Each unique position is designed to connect the electrical fields that strengthen and heal imbalances in the organs, tissues, cells, nerves, bones, and blood. They will create a shift in your programming through new force cycles provided by that direction in relation to your position. They basically feed your body a form of direct and natural medicine, and educate your brain to take a new healing position around stress and imbalance.

*The services and offerings are provided by Sifu Matthew, an independent third party consultant.

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Sifu Matthew

Chi Master and Kung Fu Healer

Sifu Matthew

Sifu Matthew, known as “The Injury Whisperer,” is a Kung Fu Master, world-renowned healer, athletic performance expert and founder of The Martial Arts of Wellness (MAOW™). He has helped thousands heal from injuries and conditions that did not respond to any other form of treatment.

He is a master of understanding the electromagnetic forces of the body in relation to strength, wellness, and performance. His ability to activate healing manifests from over four decades of training in the Martial Arts where he acquired his unique understanding of the body’s electro-chemical (“chi”) and physical systems. Known for his ability to rapidly heal body tissues, ligaments, nerves, and bones using the electromagnetism of his own body, he has consistently healed chronic conditions like Morton’s Neuroma, frozen shoulder, poorly healed fractures, and even restored motion in stroke victims, often rapidly. His real-time healing videos, which can be found online, demonstrate his ability to affect many conditions immediately. 

He runs programs at the prestigious Hale Clinic in London and is instituting customized MAOW™ wellness programs across the globe at leading medical and wellness spas and teaches advanced corporate wellness programs such as Executive Warrior and Healing Training Camps across the country. 

His clients include NBA stars, professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, business executives, and the military. He carries black belts in Judo and Jiu Jitsu and is one of only five people certified as a Sifu (Master) under Sifu Alan Goldberg in Wing Chun. He is certified to teach Bagua and Liangong, and Five Phases of the Swimming Dragon under Sifu Gerald Sharp. He consults and educates in the nutriceutical field for bioscience and wellness companies.

Services and treatments described above may be provided by an independent third-party consultant.

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Wellness Concierge

Let us customize your wellness journey

Our Wellness Concierge will be happy to help you craft your perfect wellness experience, with treatments, therapies, and classes chosen just for you and your specific needs.