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a woman in a bathing suit stands looking out over a balcony. There view is of the ocean and the resort grounds. In the foreground is a long swimming pool
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Stay Awhile

Book a stay and pamper yourself in an exclusive oceanfront setting dedicated to well-being

a woman with brown hair tied up in a bun is meditating on the beach. Her hands are pressed at heart center and her eyes are closed. She is turned so only her profile is showing. She is wearing a black workout tank top. The ocean is in the background.
a close up shot of a woman walking along the beach. The image is cropped so only the bottom of her legs are showing. They are walking away from the camera leaving soft footprints in the sand. There is a wave creeping up alongside the woman and the sun is shining off the water.

A haven of relaxation

Return to a natural state of well-being with a spa and wellness getaway at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. Enjoy savings of 10% when you book seven nights or more.  

*Cannot be combined with any other offer(s) and is subject to availability and blackout dates.