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Retreat With A Sense of Calm, Comfort & Peace of Mind. To learn more, please visit our Health Advisory Notice.

Retreat With A Sense of Calm, Comfort & Peace of Mind. Learn more about our enhanced health and hygiene initiatives keeping you safe, by visiting our Health Advisory Notice.

Retreat With A Sense of Calm, Comfort & Peace of Mind. To learn more, please visit our Health Advisory Notice.

Retreat With A Sense of Calm, Comfort & Peace of Mind. Learn more about our enhanced health and hygiene initiatives keeping you safe, by visiting our Health Advisory Notice.

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Art Miami Week at Carillon

Fusing art and wellness together in a sanctuary to rejuvenate and relax during the art festival.

woman laying on a heated lounger with a colorful mosaic background in a spa

Uncover the art of wellness at your Art Week oasis

Unwind with a curated Carillon experience- designed replenish your mind, body, and soul. Indulge in a seaside stay. Explore our transformative spa treatments. Enjoy libations and live music. Immerse yourself in a diverse selection of art and embrace creativity through these complimentary experiences.

a group of four men playing guitars, drums in their musical collective

Bar & Lounge at The Strand December 2nd - December 4th

Libations & Live Music

Stop by the bar and lounge at The Strand from 5pm – 8pm  to enjoy curated cocktails by our Master Mixologist, Fraliza Gianniodis using the favorite Spanish-style, Santa Teresa Rum. Join us at the beginning of the evening for a special ritual to heighten your senses and kick off the experiences then move to fusion of Gypsy and traditional jazz by The French Horn Collective, with world-class vocalists and instrumentalists.

The French Horn Collective is an energetic and progressive band that performs an eclectic variety of Gypsy jazz, swing and original French music. Led by Parisian multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Vincent Raffard, the group consists of five highly talented musicians from myriad musical backgrounds and countries.

pastel collage of woman holding flowers with several images on top

Palm Court | December 2nd 1PM - 3PM

Hero's Journey: Tuning Into Our Collective Unconscious

Join us for art and musical meditation, live performance art, meditation flag installation and rejuvenating refreshments.

The events of the last two years have affected each individual in profound ways – and as we gather here at Miami Art Basel in 2021, this group exhibit seeks to provide space to confront the Hero’s Journey we all have been through during the last two years and to unite our collective consciousness. Each featured artists’ work addresses this ancient narrative arc in its own way – provoking us to reflect on our unique journeys of loss, grief, love, fear, changes, and healing. Collectively, the works seek to tune our collective unconscious, create space to unite and reflect on this time, and remind us that challenges help us actualize our higher potentials and transform us for the better.

Featured live performance by Murray Hidary of Mind Travel, live art by Daniel Dugan, featured at by Kelley Anderson of Art Botanica and Ann Faith Young.

Meditation sessions are available at: 1:00pm, 1:40pm and 2:30pm.

woman in white dress with tan hat and green moss art wall behind her

Hotel Lobby December 1st - December 4th

Love Knot by Kelley Anderson of Art Botanica

The Love Knot is a physical expression of the journey that is true undying everlasting Love. Love is an energy that is always present, always flowing, and never dies. Love is a light that can not be extinguished. The journey of Love takes twists and turns, often unexpected, but always returns back to Love, because Love is the only truth. Love is all there ever is and ever will be. Anything else, although may seem real and convincing, is only Love in disguise, sent to return you back to Love. Love is you. It is me. And Love is All.

Kelley Anderson is an artist based in Los Angeles inspired by nature who has been working with plants and natural materials since childhood. Drawing on her meditative practice and the woods of her native Connecticut, her work is intended to inspire and connect people back to nature. From this, her business, Art Botanica Moss Art was born.

“I think of my botanical  art as a window into the harmony of the natural world.” -Kelley Anderson, Art Botanica Moss Art



black and white photo of artist with a hat on

Tambourine Room at The Strand December 1st - December 4th

Art by Daniel Dugan

At 10 years old, Daniel Dugan began his personal, meditative style of art. He drew meticulous labyrinths: “one continuous line” that never intersects and is equally spaced. It was a problem-solving exercise to test his patience and precision. Like labyrinths from centuries ago, the function is a spiritual one: to quiet the mind and wander forward through the path, knowing you will ultimately reach the end.  
 Over time he came to understand that each work represents the flow of life with its unexpected twists and turns, each adding an unexpected value and balance.  With each work, he practices this concept of not knowing where the line will go next. 
 Based in his Los Angeles, Miami, and Mexico City studios, Dugan’s process appears on paper, canvas, wood, metal, glass, and a range of materials as he creates custom commissions for private homes, luxury properties, and museums around the world.
 Dugan’s work was featured in the Art Issue of Angeleno Magazine, Architectural Digest China, El Heraldo de México, Reforma, Quien, Traditional Home, and the Los Angeles Times. Showings include Art Weeks in Miami, Havana, and Mexico City. In an interview with Larry’s List, Art Advisor Celesta Hodge cited Dugan as an artist to watch out for.

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Hotel Lobby

Libertine Contemporary Art Gallery

Discover Libertine Contemporary an art gallery located in St. Petersburg, FL  presenting an innovative exhibition of contemporary fine art.

Stop by the lobby for a diverse selection of works from both internationally recognized and emerging local artists is available for acquisition. Libertine Contemporary can help expand your collection and cater to the development of your personal style and appreciation for cutting-edge contemporary aesthetics.


All Seasons

Experiences for everyone

Active and wellness-minded couples, friends and families can challenge themselves to any number of exhilarating experiences, from deep sea fishing miles offshore to kayaking through dense mangrove forest.

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