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Quality & Longevity of Life with VibraGenix

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Quality & Longevity of Life with VibraGenix

VibraGenix Founders Dr. Caroline Stites & Carl Cadwell will take us through the benefits of the VibraSonic to the quality and longevity of our lives as we age. Learn the science behind sonic whole body vibration, the magic of sound frequency formulas and some tricks for you to stay Vibrant and Healthy.

Agenda topics:

  • Power of Sonic Frequencies
  • Bridging the Gap of Eastern and Western Medicine + Embracing and Integrating Global Medical Philosophies.
  • Enhancing the Quality & Longevity of Your Life
  • With being more Prone to injury as we age there is an increased need for rapid recovery
  • How to incorporate light weight exercises into your Sonic whole body vibration machine regimen
  • The relationship between cell voltage and aging.
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Quality & Longevity of Life with VibraGenix

Continue the Conversation with VibraGenix

Known as the no sweat work-out, this unique touchless wellness technology provides exercise to nearly one hundred trillion cells in the body simultaneously using sonic vibration. You would achieve a similar response in the body that a person would get from doing an hour of cardiovascular exercise.

Some of the other benefits include:

• Improves your lymphatic health

• Overall sports performance

• Reduces cellulite

• Weight loss

• Recovery

• Increase in circulation

• Energizes

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